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When magic happens…

(dedicated to Djoli Kelen)

when drums are calling when rhythms are flowing when feet are stamping when floors are vibrating when robes are fluttering when eyes are sparkling when faces are glowing when bodies are floating when souls are soaring when hearts are healing

Then magic happens. Together we rise. Connected by our hearts. Connected by our souls. Together we fly. Lost in the rhythm. Tied in freedom. Tied in love. WE ARE ONE. Djoli Kelen - One Blood. One Heart. One Soul. Djoli Kelen - My place of passion.

February 2021

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Djoli Kelen

Djoli Kelen(Jo-lee Keh-leh) is an intergenerational Metro-Atlanta based nonprofit organization. The company focuses on documenting, preserving, and highlighting the health, healing, fitness and transformative power of African/ African Diaspora dance, music, and culture. In the bambra language, djoli kelen means one blood. The company embodies the notion of one blood in every sense of the word. Founders, Christan Carter-Poret, Kodi Allen, and Shannon Byrd-Crossley have joined their creative talents to create this cultural arts collective that openly, and lovingly shares and ministers through African dance, music,culture, and the arts. Members of Djoli Kelen pride themselves with an energetic andinfectious joy every time they hit the dance floor. With extensive theatre training with the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta and from the incomparable Andrea Frye as well as West African dance training from the likes of master instructors Abdoylaye "Papa" Camara, Ms. Judy Legier, Youssouf Koumbassa, Joh Camara, Moustapha Bangoura, Djeneba Sako, and Soulemane Solo Sana, Djoli Kelen is a force to be reckoned with.

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Thanks to everyone that came out yesterday!!! Mamadys spirit was definitely in the house and filled us with joy as we reflected on his music, teachings, and legacy...

Special thanks to our dear friend Lissa who was put on the spot to share her Mamady experiences and speak on his Tam Tam Manding School and certification process...

We talked about how Mamadys love for his culture and music united people, and communities, with hopes that we can continue to live united...

Thanks Mamady!!!
Inviting our drummer friends and enthusiasts near and far for a special dance class honoring the legacy and music of Mamady Keïta!

His life, legacy, and work continues thru each of us!!!!! Join us THIS SUNDAY... 12:30p - 2:00p

We’re warming up! Join us!!!
Excited to have some special guest drummers joining us today!!! Dont miss out...

Catch class at 12:30p
4000 Weems Rd, Tucker GA

Good energy + Good music + Good teachers = A Great Djoli Kelen Sunday Funday African Dance Class Experience

We’re getting started with our first class of the summer season! You still have time to get here! anybody know what dance this is?🤔
Thanks to all who came out for class today!!! We had a great time with Koredejugah after hearing what everyones favorite summer activity was...

The beach, not teaching, and traveling outside of GA was some of the answers... Whats your favorite summer activity? 

If you missed it, no worries. Join us next Sunday, June 12 from 12:30p -2:00p... 

Let’s Gooooo! See you tomorrow! Phusion Dance
2004 Weems Rd
Tucker, GA 30084
Attention!!! There will be no class on Sunday,at 29, 2022!!! 

Looking forward to seeing you all next Sunday!!!
Alert! we’re out celebrating our sweet @mea._h graduating, a performance from our very own @zaya_sun and @shannonbyrd4 performing with one of our mentors and good friends, @omelikakuumba this weekend! No class tomorrow! Enjoy the sunshine and see you next week♥️

Djoli Kelen(Jo-lee Keh-leh) is an intergenerational Metro-Atlanta based nonprofit organization.

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